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IDI offers the whole package: A complete range of proven technology treatment capabilities offered in a compact system. Packaged units provide solutions for simple plug and play operation in any application. IDI’s package units have a tight footprint and operate at a high capacity. Ask about the optimal packaged unit for your application today: Signed, sealed; delivered; it’s yours!

Separation technology: PulsaPAK package clarifier/filter

The PulsaPAK package clarifier system combines basic chemical principles and proven clarification technology in a high-rate, sludge blanket process that offers maximum efficiency. This unique design combines flocculation and clarification functions in one basin for optimal use of space. Vacuum generated flow pulsations create a homogeneous sludge blanket that results in excellent effluent quality for downstream filters.

The PulsaPAK is a prefabricated, shop assembled, steel package system, including our Pulsator® clarifier with settling tubes and media gravity filter. Available in eight standard sizes up to 700 gpm, the PulsaPAK is optimized to meet the specific needs of both municipal and industrial clients. This compact system combines coagulation, flocculation and filtration in one compact unit and ensures easy delivery by truck, rail or sea.

By using the proven and Pulsator® technology, the PulsaPAK is capable of meeting or exceeding current water treatment quality standards.


Product sheet

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Main features

  • Complete, prefabricated clarifier and filter system
  • Easy installation and start-up
  • No submerged moving parts
  • Optimal flocculation and chemical usage
  • Low energy Equirement
  • Minimal operator attention


  • Drinking Water Clarification
  • Membrane Pretreatment
  • TOC and Color Removal
  • Industrial Process Water