MobilePRO™ Mobile Deionization Service



WPT’s Mobile Deionization (DI) Service meets our customers’ quality and quantity needs, utilizing the latest technologies for quick response and reliable service.


Water & Power Technologies offers trailer mounted deionizers (DI) for emergency, temporary, or long-term needs. These trailers have a high-capacity of 5,300,000 grain removal and up to 500 gpm flow rate. Our on-line quality monitoring triggers automatic shutdown of the trailer upon exhaustion of trailer capacity. Our unique trailer design gives us the ability to offer a quick turnaround, ensuring that we are available when you need us. Water & Power Technologies has a world–class safety program and safety is a priority in everything we do.

Technical Specifications 5000 SERIES 7000 SERIES
Flow rate 500 Gpm 450 Gpm
Outlet quality auto shutdown YES YES
Stringent silica requirements YES YES
Grain removal capacity 5,300,000 7,500,000
Insulated trailer 48 Ft. 48 Ft.
Minimum pressure 50 Psi. 50 Psi.
Maximum pressure 90 Psi. 90 Psi.
Power 110 Vac 110 Vac
Fire hose connection* 2.5” Standard 2.5” Standard
Shipping weight 53,000 Lbs. 65,000 Lbs.
Operating weight 70,000 Lbs. 70,000 Lbs.
* With ability to adapt to most connections


Product sheet

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Main Advantages

  • Quality Monitoring
  • Economical Service
  • High Capacity
  • Quick Turnaround
  • World-Class Safety Program

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