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No dust


Thermal drying is one of several methods that can be used to reduce the volume and improve the quality of wastewater biosolids.
INNODRY® 2E is an innovative and patented combination of proven technologies, allowing the advantages of both direct and indirect dryers, with unmatched energetical performance in a dust free environment.
INNODRY® 2E has also been designed to ensure highest operational safety standards to its customers.


INNODRY® 2E uses two stages for drying, taking the first from indirect drying (thin film evaporator) and the second from direct drying technology (belt dryer).
Moulding of sludge into granules is achieved after the first stage, with the chopper, when the sludge is still in the plastic phase, avoiding any dust creation.

Due to the Integrated Heat Recovery System, part of the surplus energy from the first stage is recovered to heat the second stage.

The end product is dried sludge in the form of granules, with a dryness level of 65% to 90% depending on the customers requirements.

INNODRY® 2E produces a granulate with a density as high as 600 kg/m3, which is hygienic, biologically stable, dust-free and can be stored indefinitely. The size of the granule can be adapted to suit the final use.


INNODRY® 2E Process 3D Video

INNODRY® 2E Process 3D Video
Watch the INNODRY® 2E Process 3D Video >>


Product sheet

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Main features

  • Two stage drying technology
  • Capacities from 0.5 to 4 tH2O/h water evaporation
  • Energy-efficient, with integrated heat recovery system
  • Operational safety
  • No dust
  • Low exhaust air emission


  • Municipal sludge drying
  • Industrial sludge drying