Heliantis™ Solar Sludge Drying



Heliantis solar sludge drying processes dewatered sludge into a dry and granulated product for agricultural reuse or thermal energy production and is capable of yielding up to 85% dry solids content.

Heliantis Technology

Heliantis™ transforms any type of dewatered sludge (15% minimum dry content) into a dry, granulated product with a dry-solids content that can be adjusted within a range of 35% to 85%. Using the sun as the main energy source, the sludge is dried in a greenhouse and a scarifiying machine turns over and breaks up the sludge into carbon-neutral and odorless granules, for eventual agricultural reuse or thermal energy production using co-incineration.


  • Dewatered sludge is brought directly to the greenhouse as it is produced;
  • The rotary scarifier repeatedly turns the sludge, breaking it into granules and gradually moving it forward to the exit;
  • As the sludge bed is heated by the sun, the water it contains evaporates;
  • The moist air is evacuated to maintain optimum moisture levels in the greenhouse
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Heliantis™ Process Diagram
Heliantis™ Solar Sludge Drying Process Diagram


Heliantis Video

Heliantis™ Solar Sludge Drying
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Product sheet

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Main features

  • Scarification of the sludge increases the exchange surface
  • Turning of the sludge enhances renewal of the exchange surface
  • Sludge aeration maintains aerobic conditions to avoid decomposition
  • Automated sludge conveyance


  • Municipal sludge drying
  • Industrial sludge drying

Main characteristics

  • Reduces the quantity of dewatered sludge using solar radiation
  • Cost Effective: reduction in transport, storage and spreading costs
  • Environmentally Friendly: Low energy consumption and multiple options for reuse