Anaerobic Mixing
Deep Tank Mixing


The Cannon® Mixer is a proven anaerobic digester mixer. Using large distinct bubbles, the Cannon® Mixer combines integral mixing and heating within one tank. The result is a reduction of volatile solids and sludge volume, greater overall gas production, and improved sludge dewatering.


Peak digester performance and reduced operating costs are
directly associated with Degremont Technologies’ Cannon® Mixer.
Cannon® Mixer uses large piston bubbles - proven as the most
efficient use of energy for fluid displacement - to agitate digester
contents thoroughly and economically. Bubble generation every
three to four seconds per mixer guarantees better than 90 percent
active volume in the digester. Ideal for deep-tank mixing, the
system is not only superior in performance but is also easy to
install, operate, and maintain.

The operating principles behind Cannon® Mixer have been
consistently proven in hundreds of installations. Cannon Mixer
fits well within a variety of applications, from retrofitting existing
digesters to optimizing two-phase anaerobic digestion systems.


Cannon’s proven mixing process

  • A vertical stack pipe, open at each end and varying in length according to digester depth, is the central component of the Cannon Mixer. Based on computerized modeling, multiple units are strategically arranged to optimize mixing zones across the entire floor area - achieving more than 90 percent total active volume.
  • Recirculated gas is continuously fed to the bubble generator and intermittently discharged into the stack pipe as a large piston bubble.
  • The piston bubble fills the entire cross section of the pipe, driving out liquid as it rises and creating a siphon. As one bubble leaves the stack pipe at the top, another enters from the generator for both continuous mixing and prevention of solids settling.
  • Large bubbles burst as they leave the liquid surface, creating substantial turbulence that prevents scum buildup.


Product Videos

CANNON® Mixer Archive Video
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Product sheet

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  • Superior performance
  • Low operating costs
  • Minimal in-tank maintenance
  • Infrequent cleaning
  • Minimal scum blanket
  • Reduced sludge volumes


  • Digester mixing of municipal and industrial waste
  • Two-phase anaerobic digestion systems
  • Deep-tank mixing of high-viscosity liquids
  • New or retrofit projects