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Solids contact


A recognized leader in its class, Degremont Technologies’ Accelator® Clarifier is a high-rate treatment plant in a single basin that employs the principle of internal slurry recirculation.


High-rate capacity in less than half the space of conventional sedimentation.

The Accelator® Clarifier employs the principle of internal slurry recirculation to accelerate chemical reactions and dense particle growth. Mixing and reaction, return flow, and sludge removal functions are performed in a single-basin unit that requires less than half the volume of conventional multi-tank systems.

The key to principle operation is Accelator’s low-shear rotorimpeller combination, which controls mixing and slurry recirculation at independent rates to handle rapid changes in water characteristics. The Accelator employs dynamic separation of slurry from clarified water allowing increased loading rates versus competing technologies.


Product sheet

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Main features

  • Highest Quality Softening Clarifier on the Market
  • Internal Recirculation of Sludge
  • Dynamic Separation of Solids
  • Highly Efficient Use of Chemicals
  • Pioneer of solids contact clarifiers
  • Industry Leader - Thousands of Installations


  • Clarification
  • Softening
  • Color Removal
  • Tertiary Wastewater
  • Industrial Metals Removal