Tertiary Filtration
Low head filter


New and Improved! ABW Quickplate™ Filter. We’ve improved our underdrain with a unique, two - piece cell design that virtually eliminates media leaks and offers increased strength, greater media-depth flexibility, and reduced maintenance. Easy to install, it directly replaces current configurations.


The ABW® Automatic Backwash Filter means economical traveling bridge performance for municipal and industrial applications. The low-head, shallow-bed design takes advantage of surface filtration to dramatically reduce construction and maintenance costs. Our exclusive seven-stage backwash process lets the filter remain on-line during cleaning for optimum performance without shutdowns. Suitable for tertiary treatment of municipal wastewater, potable water treatment, industrial water treatment, aquifer recharge, and water reuse, the ABW® Automatic Backwash Filter is proven in thousands of installations worldwide.


Product sheet

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Main features

  • Regular, short - duration backwash
  • Low Head, shallow, simple construction
  • Excellent effluent quality
  • Low TSS or turbidity Market
  • Corrosion resistant internals
  • Improved underdrain media retention
  • Eliminates pipe galleries, backwash controller, storage, backwash holding tanks
  • Simple to operate and easily maintained


  • Tertiary Filtration
  • Potable Water Filtration
  • GAC Contactor
  • Industrial Process Water