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Water & Power Technologies Meets Our Customers’ Needs Utilizing trained technicians and the latest technologies for quick response and reliable service.


Water & Power Technologies (WPT) Service is the premiere solution provider for your industrial water purification needs. With over 20 years experience, we provide reliable service 24 hours per day, in as quick as 2 hours. WPT Service Solutions offers emergency and contracted services, which include; MobilePro™, WaterPro™, Service DI , equipment installations, troubleshooting, membrane and media replacement, on- and off-site membrane cleaning, system sanitization, equipment maintenance, system repairs and rebuilds, pilot studies, and training.

Our trained service technicians are experienced in all areas of water purification to provide the highest level of customer service. Water & Power Technologies (WPT) has a world-class safety program. Safety is top priority in everything we do.

Maintain your safety record by partnering with WPT. Through our world-class safety program, WPT is focused on achieving zero safety and environmental incidents. When you contract with us you will be assured that your OSHA 300 logs will not be impacted by the production of water at your facility.

WPT strives for 100% customer satisfaction utilizing a formal performance communication program with our customers. This formal process facilitates a better understanding of our customer’s needs so, as a partner, WPT is better aligned with our customer’s goals.

If a problem occurs, we know response time is critical. WPT utilizes remote monitoring and response technology that is unmatched in the industry. This allows WPT to not only immediately dispatch the most qualified personnel but can also resolve many of the production issues remotely, shortening response time to maximize production time.


Replacement Parts & Consumables

Water and Power Technologies maintains a stock of consumables are spare parts for most equipment we supply.

This department works hand in hand with our service department to assure that your treatment equipment operates efficiently.

Contact us for more information: 1-800-494-2525


WPT Service Solutiuons

Gulf Coast Office
5350 Bay Oaks Drive
Pasadena, TX 77505 U.S.A.
Tél. : +1 800 494-2525
Fax : +1 801 973-9733

WPT Corporate Headquarters

1698 S. Gramercy RD, Suite A
Salt Lake City, UT 84104 U.S.A.
Tel. : +1 800 494-2525
Fax : +1 801 973-9733

WPT South Region

1217 W. Corporate Drive
Arlington, TX 76006 U.S.A.
Tel. : +1 800 494-2525
Fax : +1 801 973-9733

WPT - Central Division

5135 W. 58th Avenue, Unit 4
Arvada, CO 80002 USA
Tel. : +1-800-225-3204, 1-303-432-0015
Fax : +1-303-432-0022


1303 Stanley Avenue
Dayton, Ohio 45404 U.S.A.
Tel. : +800 535-5585 Toll-Free

Services Offered:

  • Mobile Filtration
  • Mobile Reverse Osmosis
  • Mobile Deionization
  • System Optimization and Trouble Shooting
  • Pilot Studies
  • Equipment Installation and Training
  • Equipment Repairs and Rebuilds
  • Membrane, Resin, and Media Replacement
  • Membrane Cleaning and Restoration