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Triogen is one of the world’s leading design and manufacturing companies specialising in ozone and UV systems for all types of swimming pool applications as well as industrial water treatment.


The company has over twenty years experience in pool water treatment and is recognised as a quality product supplier offering full after sales service as well as worldwide commissioning and servicing.

All the ozone systems supplied for swimming pool water treatment are designed to operate at negative pressure for public building safety.

Medium pressure UV systems are also becoming a popular choice for swimming pool treatment which again is available within Triogen’s equipment range, as well as specialised range of combined UV and ozone systems.

Due to the wide range of products and treatment options available using Triogen equipment, we can guide consultants, water treatment companies or end users as to which type of product would be best suited for their swimming pool project to ensure final customer satisfaction.

Triogen is expanding its customer base worldwide year after year and is currently exporting to the Middle East, Far-East, Europe and North America and is always interested in expanding its customer base further and welcome enquiries from architects, consultants or swimming pool installers worldwide.

For other water treatment applications, Triogen supplies a full range of positive pressure ozone generators manufactured by Ozonia, and a complete range of low & medium pressure UV systems specifically designed for various applications within the water treatment industry.

About Triogen

Based in Scotland, Triogen manufactures a full range of ozonators and UV disinfection systems. Triogen also supplies ozonators and uv systems for industrial applications. All products come with a full warranty and after sales back up and Triogen can offer commissioning services worldwide.

Triogen supplies its products through Ozonia subsidiaries and a global network of specialist distributors. Triogen is also very active in Industrial Water Treatment and offers a full range of UV systems for multiple applications as well as the full range of Ozonia products.

Triogen Leisure Market UV and Ozone Disinfection Q&A Papers

Have questions about UV and ozone disinfection for pools and spas? Download the PDFs below to see the answers to some common questions about alternative sanitation for pools and spas.

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Ozone Disinfection for Swimming Pools Q&A

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Triogen Ltd.

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Triogen Solutions

Ozone Generator Products

Triogen ozone generators are based on negative pressure operation for safety when operated within public buildings and are available for all sizes and types of pools from back garden private pools to Olympic Pool installations.

Ultra Violet (UV) Products

Triogen supplies small low pressure UV systems for private pool and spa applications and larger medium pressure UV systems for hotel, public pool and water park applications.

Combined Ozone & UV (AOP) Products

Triogen manufactures a range of combined Ozone/UV systems utilising the Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) whereby the water is treated due to the formation of hydroxyl radicals, a very powerful oxidant which is many times more powerful than ozone or UV alone. These systems are marketed under the Uvazone name and are for use on medium sized public pools.