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With a global presence, Ozonia is regarded as the world leader specializing in ozone generation and ultraviolet (UV) technology for industrial and municipal water treatment.

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Ozonia is one of the world’s largest leading suppliers of UV and ozone disinfection systems. Ozonia has a long history and extensive experience in both technologies, and supplies ozone and UV equipment to the municipal and industrial sectors. As disinfection of water and wastewater is a global need, Ozonia has representatives in many countries worldwide, each of which use the same core technologies to provide global customers the proper support services.

As a leader in disinfection solutions, Ozonia designs and manufactures a wide range of though ozone and UV technologies incorporating the most sophisticated electronics technology available. Ozonia systems are designed for various water and wastewater treatment application in the municipal and industrial markets. Each system has a variety of technical features developed to simplify installation and allow minimal operator attention and maintenance.


Although Ozonia was founded in 1990 it has more than 30 years of experience in developing, designing, manufacturing and installing treatment systems due to its ABB Asea Brown Boveri and Degrémont backgrounds.

Ozonia is owned by Degrémont which took over the ozone and UV business activities and professionals from ABB. Ozonia’s products are available worldwide through five affiliates located in Zurich (Switzerland) Leonia, New Jersey (USA), Seoul (Korea), Paris (France) and Glasgow (Scotland). In addition to these wholly owned affiliates Ozonia has a network of Resellers and Original Equipment Manufacturers all over the world.

Ozonia has developed the most efficient ozone and ultraviolet generating technologies available today, and is ranked as one of the world’s leading suppliers for this type of equipment. Ozonia can draw on extensive knowledge relating to both ozone and ultraviolet application technology and, because of this expertise, has built-up a unique ability to deliver complete systems which ensure economical operation as well as the highest operational and personal safety.

Ozonia’s aim is to design each plant in close co-operation with the client to suit the application and site conditions. This high level of flexibility is achieved through the implementation of fully engineered standardized equipment in conjunction with a wealth of experience.

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OZONIA Aquaray® HiCAP UV Disinfection

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