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The Ultrafiltration membranes bring today new solutions to the water specialists, according to the case of application. Indeed, the membranes allows to reduce the die in term of stages and permit to make reliable the treatment in term of quality but especially to improve the effectiveness.

ECOSKID™The Ecoskid™ is Degrémont Technologies-Aquasource’s latest generation of compact unit for water treatment. Its production rate range from 30 to 200 m3/h per (...)

Keywords: eco-friendly, cost effective, exclusive process, compact

SKIDThe SKID is a compact and self-contained unit of clarification. It is designed to produce from 10 to 180 m3/h per unit.

Keywords: compact, safe, autonomous, plug & play

Smartrack™ MF/UF Rack SystemSmartrack™ is the only flexible rack for high-purity water production with interchangeable ultrafiltration modules capable of varied dimensions as well as different (...)

Keywords: interchangeable, ultrafiltration, flexible design, cost-effective

ULTRASOURCE®The ULTRASOURCE® is a compact, autonomous, automatic and flexible system producing ultrafiltrated water from network, ground and surface (...)

Keywords: membrane, compact, all in one, scalable