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Degremont Technologies - Innoplana

Innoplana, based in Switzerland, specializes in sludge treatment technologies offering solutions for sludge thickening, dewatering, drying and incineration.


Industrialized nations are becoming increasingly concerned about the future of the various waste products resulting from their own development. Existing and forthcoming legislation and regulations will prohibit the dumping of this sludge in future. Added to this is the economic impact and the lack of available space around large conurbations.

This is why treatment of sludge proves to be an interesting solution, particularly because it decreases the quantity of waste for disposal. It also avoids spreading of pollutants found in the sludge. In the case of sludge drying, the waste can be recycled in various ways after processing.

As specialists in this field, Degrémont Technologies - INNOPLANA offers its clients complete systems for sludge thickening, dewatering, drying and incineration, based on an innovative, economic, ecological process. We adapt our proposal to your investment, space and operating constraints.

Specialized Expertise

Human and industrial activities produce more and more sludge which need to be treated prior to being released in the environment. INNOPLANA has developed technologies to face this everyday sustainable development challenge. Over a decade of innovation has led to the development of proven technologies in either dewatering, or drying and incineration.

Innoplana’s areas of expertise include:

  • Sludge treatment
  • Fully automated thermal and mechanical processes: technology patented
  • Engineering and project management, ISO 9001
  • Service (operation and maintenance), training and piloting


INNODRY® 2E Process Flash Presentation

INNODRY® 2E Process Flash Presentation
View the INNODRY® 2E process presentation >>


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Sludge Drying

INNODRY is an innovative sludge drying process, proven and ideal for 20’000 - 300’000 PE. The system allows you to treat biosolids with sustainable development criteria. These are energy saving and comfort for the community and the environment.


The THERMYLIS High Temperature Fluid Bed Incinerator is a proven application not only in municipal sewage sludge, but also in management of chemical, petrochemical, pulp/paper and pharmaceutical waste residues. The Thermylis air pollution control system is designed to meet or exceed the most stringent air pollution standards.