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Infilco provides end-to-end solutions in four primary business sectors: drinking water, industrial water, wastewater and sludge treatment by specializing in technologies such as high-rate clarification, filtration, biological treatment, headworks and high-temperature fluid bed incineration.

Infilco is well known among consulting engineers for the quality of our services and the reliability of our products. As full-treatment line specialists, we supply primary, secondary, and tertiary technologies.


Infilco provides high performance solutions that result from the latest technological advancements in drinking water, wastewater and sludge treatment. Our water treatment specialists evaluate each application to determine the best solution. We’re involved in all project stages, from process design to equipment supply to operations training.


Degremont Technologies–Infilco has a rich history dating back to 1894, when it was founded as the International Filter Company in Chicago, Illinois. International Filter first manufactured faucet disc filters for at-home drinking water treatment and quickly grew its commercial business to become known as Infilco During the 1930s, Infilco pioneered the Accelator® Clarifier, the first commercially produced accelerated rate clarifier.

In the 1950’s Infilco relocated to Tucson, Arizona and was purchased by General American Transportation, then was later sold to Westinghouse Electric. By this time, Infilco was unmatched in its reputation as a treatment expert.

In 1974, two strong forces – Infilco and Degremont – joined to form a company called IDI that was exclusively focused on municipal and industrial water/wastewater treatment. This collaboration broadened the company’s offering of products, systems, and solutions.

Today Infilco is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia and holds more than 30 active U.S. patents in treatment technologies, most of which have been issued since 1990. Infilco’s history of water treatment innovation includes the first pulsating bed clarifier (the Pulsator®) and the first dense sludge clarification process (the Densator®). Infilco also pioneered the first reciprocating rake bar screen for sewage plant intakes, the Climber Screen®.

Degremont Technologies–Infilco is a full-service treatment expert, providing design and equipment supply for all stages of water, wastewater and biosolids management. Recent innovations include the AquaDAF® high-rate dissolved air flotation system and the Aquaray® ultraviolet disinfection system.

Who we are

Degremont Technologies–Infilco is a U.S. affiliate of the world’s leading water treatment engineering company. Our customers benefit from internationally renowned technologies, knowledge, and expertise.

Infilco Degremont customers receive:

  • The know-how of an international network of water treatment specialists
  • The experience of more than 10,000 water and wastewater plants built
  • The resources of a company with more than $10 billion in annual revenue

Product Video Files


AquaDAF® Dissolved Air Flotation High Rate Clarification System

AQUADAF® Dissolved Air Flottation High-Rate Clarifier
Watch the video >>

BIOFOR™ Biological Aerated Filtration System

Watch the video >>

Cleargreen™ - 3D Process

Cleargreen™ (for Cyclic Low Energy Ammonium Removal)
Watch the video >>

Dehydris™ Twist

Dehydris™ Twist - Boosted Sludge Dewatering Using Piston Press Technology
Watch the video >>

DENIFOR™ Downflow Denitrification And Filtration System

DENIFOR™ Downflow Denitrification and Filtration System
Watch the video >>

DensaDeg® High Rate Clarifier/Thickener

DensaDeg® Clarifier/Thickener
Watch the video >>

Heliantis™ Solar Sludge Drying

Learn about the Heliantis™ Solar Sludge Dryer
Watch the video >>

iBIO® Biological Wastewater Treatment System

iBIO® Biological Wastewater Treatment System
Watch the video >>

INNODRY® 2E Process 3D Video

Innodry® 2E Two-Stage Sludge Drying System
Watch the video >>

Meteor® IFAS Process

Learn about the Meteor® IFAS Process (MLE Configuration) in this video
Watch the video >>

Superpulsator Clarifier

SUPERPULSATOR® High-Rate Sludge Blanket Clarifier
Watch the video >>

Thermylis® HTFB Thermal Oxidation

Thermylis® HTFB Thermal Oxidation
Watch the video >>

Ultragreen™ - 3D Process

Ultragreen™ Biological Treatment By Ultrafiltration Flat Sheet Membranes
Watch the video >>

Ultragreen™ Wastewater Treatment Process

The Ultragreen™ wastewater treatment process is explained by Degremont Innovation Project Manager Lise Gnos
Watch the video >>



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Infilco Solutions

Potable Water Solutions

Infilco provides solutions for any size customer population and virtually any influent condition. Our proven water treatment technologies include high rate clarification, filtration, dissolved air flotation, membrane filtration, biological treatment, and ultraviolet disinfection.

Wastewater, Stormwater and Sludge Management Solutions

Infilco Degremont looks at the entire treatment line and finds ways to control pollution efficiently and economically. We manage primary, secondary, wastewater reuse, and stormwater management applications. Our wastewater technologies include biological aerated filtration, high rate clarification, mechanical bar screening, fluid bed incineration, and ultraviolet disinfection.

Solutions for Industry

Infilco designs, engineers, manufactures, commissions and services industrial process water treatment systems. Our solutions include both chemical-physical treatment and biological systems (aerobic and anaerobic). We remove nitrogen, phosphorus and carbonaceous pollution from wastewater, and we treat municipal secondary effluent for industrial reuse as boiler feed water or cooling tower makeup.