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Infilco, based in Virginia (U.S.), provides end-to-end solutions in four primary business sectors: drinking water, industrial water, wastewater and sludge treatment by specializing in technologies such as high-rate clarification, filtration, biological treatment, headworks and high-temperature fluid bed incineration.

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2PAD Digestion SystemWhether you are retrofitting an existing plant or building a new one, the 2PAD System is ready to take your sludge to a new class - Class A (...)

Keywords: digestion, energy saving, epa aproved, class a biosolids

ABW®New and Improved! ABW Quickplate™ Filter. We’ve improved our underdrain with a unique, two - piece cell design that virtually eliminates media leaks and offers increased (...)

Keywords: proven, tertiary filtration, reuse, low head filter

ACCELATOR®A recognized leader in its class, Degremont Technologies’ Accelator® Clarifier is a high-rate treatment plant in a single basin that employs the principle of internal slurry (...)

Keywords: clarification, softening, high quality, solids contact

AERODREDGE Grit and Grease Removal SystemThe AERODREDGE Grit and Grease Removal System is designed to reduce horizontal flow velocity to allow heavy particles to settle while grease and other floating substances are (...)

Keywords: reliable design, retrofit or new, high capacity, low maintenance

AquaDAF® Dissolved Air Flotation High-Rate ClarifierAquaDAF®* is a high-rate clarifier utilizing dissolved air flotation for low turbidity surface and algae laden waters.The AquaDAF® clarifier’s uniquely engineered effluent (...)

Keywords: high - rate clarification, membrane pretreatment, algae removal, dissolved air flotation

BIOFOR®BIOFOR® filters are aerobic or anoxic process biological reactors that use attached growth technology for application in municipal or industrial wastewater (...)

Keywords: attached growth, odor free, compact, completely automated

CANNON® MIXERThe Cannon® Mixer is a proven anaerobic digester mixer. Using large distinct bubbles, the Cannon® Mixer combines integral mixing and heating within one tank. The result is a (...)

Keywords: anaerobic mixing, aerobic mixing, deep tank mixing, gas mixing

Cleargreen™ - Biological treatment of effluents with high concentrations of ammoniaCleargreen™ (for Cyclic Low Energy Ammonium Removal) augments anaerobic treatment of biosolids (biological, primary, co-digestion) by removing the nitrogen overload. (...)

Keywords: biological, nitrogen removal, deammonification, sustainable development

Climber® Screen Mechanical Bar ScreenInvest in the leader: Maximize screenings capture, minimize problems. Climber® Screen reduces costs and complications for pump stations and wastewater treatment plants by (...)

Keywords: leader, reliable, quality, precision

DCI™ - Degrémont Circular InterceptorDegrémont Circular Interceptor (DCI™) for the pre-treatment of oily effluents in Refineries & Petrochemical complexes utilizing gravity separation of insoluble hydrocarbons (...)

Keywords: industrial wastewater, pre-treatment, oily effluents, cost-effective

Dehydris™ Twist - Boosted Sludge Dewatering Using Piston Press TechnologyBased on proven Bucher Unipektin piston press technology (with more than 2,000 food industry references), Dehydris™ Twist represents one of the most innovative and efficient (...)

Keywords: sludge dewatering, high-performance, simple operation, increased productivity

DENIFOR™ Downflow Denitrification And Filtration SystemThe DENIFOR™ ultra-high-efficiency denitrification and filtration system utilizes the proven high-surface-area media, Biolite™, to provide a cost effective, low-footprint (...)

Keywords: denitrification, solids-removal, cost-efficient, compact footprint

Densadeg XRC™ - Extreme-rate ClarifierThe Densadeg XRC™ is a unique combination of solids contact, ballast addition and solids recirculation principles providing enhanced, rapid (...)

Keywords: extreme-rate, cost-effective, multi-purpose, compact

DensaDeg®The DensaDeg® Clarifier/Thickener is a high-rate solids contact clarifier which combines optimized flocculation, internal and external sludge recirculation, and plate settling (...)

Keywords: clarification, phosphorous removal, softening, industrial applications

FERAZUR®/MANGAZUR®/NITRAZUR™Ferazur®/Mangazur®/Nitrazur™ is a biological filtration process for the removal of iron, manganese, arsenic, ammonia and nitrates from ground water sources. The precipitate is (...)

Keywords: compact, chemical free, easy to operate, high rate

FGD - Flue Gas Desulfurization SystemDegremont Technologies-Infilco is at the leading edge of Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) wastewater treatment. Degremont Technologies-Infilco has more treatment plant (...)

Keywords: custom, compact, experience, power “generation”

GREENLEAF® Filter SystemThe Greenleaf® Filter Control uses low-maintenance siphon technology to control the operation of multiple granular media gravity filters. Our unique design eliminates bulky (...)

Keywords: self - backwashing, gravity filter, energy - efficient, fully - customizable

Heliantis™ Solar Sludge DryingHeliantis™ solar sludge drying processes dewatered sludge into a dry and granulated product for agricultural reuse or thermal energy production and is capable of yielding up to (...)

Keywords: solar sludge drying, economic, environmentally friendly, proven

HELICO® - Screenings Washer & CompactorHELICO® delivers reliable screenings removal for optimum wastewater treatment plant performance. HELICO® is the natural complement to the CLIMBER® SCREEN and all mechanically (...)

Keywords: wastewater, screenings removal, grit removal, washer compactor

HYBACS - Energy-Efficient Hybrid Activated Sludge TechnologyThe HYBACS process is an innovative hybrid activated-sludge system that is well-suited for municipal and industrial WWTPs looking for an economical technology for capacity (...)

Keywords: wastewater, energy savings, cost-efficient, environmentally friendly

iBIO® Biological Treatment System for FGD WastewaterThe iBIO® Biological Wastewater Treatment System integrates biological reactors with Degremont clarifiers and sludge thickeners to treat effluent from a FGD physical/chemical (...)

Keywords: nitrates, chromium, selenium, vanadium

iBIO® Biological Treatment System for Industrial WastewaterThe iBIO® Biological Wastewater Treatment System integrates biological reactors to treat industrial wastewaters for the removal of nitrates, heavy metals, ammonia, and (...)

Keywords: mining industry, heavy metals removal, industrial wastewater, biological pollutant removal

METEOR® IFAS / MBBR ProcessMETEOR® IFAS/MBBR technology is based on proprietary polyethylene biofilm carriers, which, when added to a treatment basin, provide a large internal surface area for the growth (...)

Keywords: hybrid process, bod removal, nutrient removal, simple operation

Package SystemsIDI offers the whole package: A complete range of proven technology treatment capabilities offered in a compact system. Packaged units provide solutions for simple plug and (...)

Keywords: pre-fabricated, low energy, package plant, low maintenance

Smartrack™ MF/UF Rack SystemSmartrack™ is the only flexible rack for high-purity water production with interchangeable ultrafiltration modules capable of varied dimensions as well as different (...)

Keywords: interchangeable, ultrafiltration, flexible design, cost-effective

SUPERPULSATOR®The SUPERPULSATOR® Clarifier combines basic chemical principles and proven clarification technology in a high-rate, solids contact clarifier that offers maximum efficiency. The (...)

Keywords: low energy, high-rate clarifier, solids contact system, low maintenance

TACS - Thermylis® Advanced Control SystemTACS (Thermylis® Advanced Control System) is an innovative process to control HTFB incinerator heat, mass balance, and optimize operational performance with a sustainable (...)

Keywords: sludge incineration, energy savings, cost - efficient, environmentally friendly

TECON - Biogas Storage System The TECON Double Membrane Gasholder is used for any application that needs gas storage such as municipal wastewater treatment plants with anaerobic digestion, landfills with (...)

Keywords: biogas storage, innovative, cost-efficient, custom designed

THERMYLIS®Thermylis® HTFB Thermal Oxidation is a sustainable technology to dispose of sludge. It is highly efficient, odor free and can generate useful heat for the production of process (...)

Keywords: fluidized bed, final disposal, high performance, heat recovery

Ultragreen™ - Biological treatment by ultrafiltration flat sheet membranesUltragreen™ is a wastewater treatment process (municipal and industrial) by ultrafiltration flat sheet membranes. Ultragreen™ combines biological treatment with membrane (...)

Keywords: biological treatment, membrane filtration, automated function, sustainable development

VORTEX® Grit RemoverThe Vortex® Grit Remover is used to protect equipment at wastewater treatment plants from damage and excessive wear due to abrasion from grit. Grit removal protects moving (...)

Keywords: protection, maximum control, pretreatment, reliable

ZERO LIQUID DISCHARGE (ZLD) SYSTEMZero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) represents the ultimate cutting-edge treatment system for the total elimination of wastewater effluent into neighboring (...)

Keywords: industrial effluent wastewater, forced-circulation crystallizer, falling film evaporator, dissolved solids removal