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Aquasource, based in France, specializes in ultrafiltration membranes and standardized clarification/disinfection technology. Aquasource is the pioneer of Ultrafiltration applied to drinking water and is constantly improving its water treatment systems.


Degrémont Technologies-Aquasource was created in 1984 in Toulouse. Since its creation, the company has specialized in the field of Ultrafiltration, currently with the largest installation portfolio having demonstrated reliable operations for more than a decade.

Degrémont Technologies-Aquasource designs and manufactures fibers and modules, components that are integrated by OEM partners in treatment systems, and also autonomous Ultrafiltration units. This integration of two large industrial activities of Ultrafiltration, unique within the same company, guarantees process control, its reliability, and continuous improvement of our membrane.

Degrémont Technologies-Aquasource serves municipal, collective or industrial customers by offering the best possible membrane materials for each Ultrafiltration application. Thanks to its industrial tool, Degrémont Technologies-Aquasource can either produce cellulose tri-acetate or Hydrophilic polysulfone fibers. The fibers are then inserted into a vaste range of modules, reaching from 7 to 140 m² and having all necessary legal approvals.

The standard treatment units realized by Degrémont Technologies-Aquasource implement pressurized technology. They are autonomous and specifically developed to reply to the various known applications of Ultrafiltration.

Finally, Degremont Technologies-Aquasource offers a Service Option with specialized expertise in fiber and process diagnostics, Ultrafiltration training, pilot units, and a parts catalogue available on the web.

Our strength is our focus on our work and our guarantee of complete control of the Ultrafiltration value, from the fiber to the final treatment component.

The Ultrafiltration Aquasource

Aquasource, a major and historic figure in ultrafiltration, offers its products and services to builders and water treatment distributors in both municipal and industrial spheres.

Increasingly strict standards, constant increases in the volumes of water to be treated, increasing pollution of resources… People involved in drinking water production are counting on research to provide new, effective techniques.

Ultrafiltration is clearly a major step forward for all people in the sector who are concerned about:

  • Offering water of constant and irreproachable quality, regardless of the quality and turbidity variations of the water to be treated. As physical barriers, Aquasource ultrafiltration membranes retain all micro-organisms (bacteria and viruses),
  • Contributing to the respect of environmental equilibria. As a purely mechanical process, ultrafiltration reduces the use of chemical products and treatment wastes, while maintaining the mineral equilibrium of water.


Learn more about Aquasource’s Ultrafiltration Process:

Aquasource Ultrafiltration Process
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