September 2007

The largest ozone facility in Ontario, supplied by Degrémont Technologies-Ozonia. Case story of A.H Weeks plant at Windsor

In Canada, surface water supplies are often used as a source for drinking water, but in general, they are considered vulnerable to contamination from animals that carry protozoan cysts pathogenic to humans. Cryptosporidium is a water-borne parasite that lives in hooved animals and which can be passed into surface water through their wastes. It has been recognized as a serious cause of water-borne disease, and in the last decade some Cryptosporidium outbreaks from surface waters have been documented in the U.S and Canada.

To face this problem, Windsor utilities chose Ozone

It is estimated that ozone is used in more than 300 drinking water installations all over the world. Superior to chemical solutions such as chlorine, it improves the taste and the smell of the water, and has the real ability to eliminate bacteria and inactivate viruses. In addition, ozone is environmentally friendly. All these reasons made ozone the choice of the Windsor Utilities Commission.

The Windsor Utilities Commission, in conjunction with the NSERC chair in water treatment, University of Waterloo, the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, and the University of Windsor trusted Degrémont Technologies-Ozonia to implement ozone as the solution for drinking water treatment at The A.H Weeks plant. The plant saw immediate improvement of treated water quality and today, the plant is the largest ozone facility in Ontario, Canada’s most populous province.

Ozone, a successful treatment for drinking water at A.H Weeks plant

The ozone generators, power supply units, and ozone destruction units supplied by Degrémont Technologies-Ozonia, were installed in 2001 and since then, ozone availability has been greater than 98%. Once the plant requirements were determined, operating parameters were optimized to best meet all criteria. The plant flow rate is greater than 50 MGD/ 190 000 m3/d, and the optimal ozone concentration was determined to be 12 %. Degrémont Technologies-Ozonia designs, manufactures and assembles its own Power Supply Units (PSU) using state-of–the-art electronic components, conforming to all electrical standards.