Media Pressure Skids

High Quality


Many filtration media systems utilize specific materials to remove certain constituents from water. These constituents would include iron, manganese, free chlorine, organic matter and suspended solids. In order to maximize the performance of the ion exchange and membrane systems that follow these pretreatment technologies media pressure filters have become an integral part of the water treatment process train.

media pressure filters technology

Media filtration is a very straight forward process that has been
utilized for many years.


Media filtration works by physically straining solids and particles
from water or adsorbing contaminants from water. Typical filter
media include sand, anthracite, garnet, gravel, activated carbon
and manganese greensand.

These filtration processes use pressure to increase the efficiency
of the media filtration resulting in high throughput pressure vessels
thereby keeping equipment cost low.


Product sheet

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Main features

  • Custom Build and Modular Units
  • Utilizing various media : GAC, Greensand,
  • Multi-Media
  • Compact footprint
  • High quality filtered water
  • Pressure Driven Filter Systems
  • Fully Instrumented and Controlled
  • Complex Process Development Capability
  • Quality Assurance and Control Management


  • Removal of Suspended Solids, organic matter and turbidity
  • TOC reduction and Free Cl2 removal
  • Removal of Iron and Manganese