February 2, 2007

Degremont, S.A., Announces The Creation Of "Degremont Technologies". Degremont, S.A. today announced the unification of its eight North American and European brands under the newly formed Degremont Technologies (SUEZ) umbrella.

PARIS – Degremont, S.A., the global water treatment specialist and wholly owned subsidiary of SUEZ Environment, today announced the unification of its eight North American and European brands under the newly formed Degremont Technologies (SUEZ) umbrella.

The companies – which include Ozonia North America and Infilco Degremont in the United States, Anderson Water Systems and Degremont Ltd. in Canada, and Aquasource, Innoplana, Ozonia, Schreiber Technology and Triogen in Europe and Asia – all have assumed the Degremont Technologies (SUEZ) name. Each operating unit will continue to serve its own customers while working together to offer a broader assortment of technologies and services.

"Our companies are equipment providers and manufacturers, using key technologies, specialized in water treatment solutions," explained Francois Fevrier, Degremont Technologies Executive Vice President, which includes the four North American companies. "Together, they offer a vast network of equipments and services on municipal, industrial and leisure markets. The resulting synergy positions our entire organization to better serve clients, address challenges and take advantage of future growth opportunities."

"Someone who always has done business with Ozonia North America, for example, will continue to work with the same team of sales professionals, engineers and application experts, but under the name Degremont Technologies -Ozonia," explained Marc Chevrel, Director of Marketing. "At the same time, they now have a much broader portfolio of water treatment options at their disposal."

Degremont Technologies (SUEZ) is now a worldwide equipment provider dedicated to municipal and industrial water services, using proven technologies. For more than 6 decades, Degremont S.A.’s technologies have been tested and validated through thousands of applications worldwide. SUEZ Environment is the water division of SUEZ, a key player in the field of sustainable development.

Degrémont is the water treatment specialist within SUEZ Environment. With business in over 70 countries and 4,300 employees, Degrémont generated sales of €0.96 billion in 2005.

SUEZ Environment, a SUEZ business line, provides equipment and services that protect the environment and deliver the essentials of life. Its activities include drinking water production and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment, and waste treatment and recovery. Backed by its experience in the water and waste cycles, SUEZ Environment has a wide-ranging portfolio of know-how providing a sustainable solution to the requirements of local authorities and businesses. Suez Environment employs over 72,130 people worldwide and generated €11.1 billion in sales in 2005.