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Sustainable Development

Our Commitments and Actions in favor of Sustainable Development

SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT conceives high-quality offers for the water and waste management industries. By helping its customers manage their resources sustainably the Group has become a prime strategic partner in supporting their environmental performance

SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT has ambition to contribute to a more sustainable growth through the management of major water and waste cycles. Our new Road Map also reflects increasing demands in relation to social and corporate responsibility, and a renewed dialogue with all our stakeholders. The commitments and objectives for 2012–2016 were approved by SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT’s Executive Committee on October 8th 2012 and presented to the Board of Directors on December 12th 2012 after review by the Ethics and Sustainable Development Committee.

Find out more about how SUEZ ENVIROMMENT is meeting sustainable development challenges and responding to major environmental issues on the SUEZ ENVIROMMENT website