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Our mission is to provide our customers with the most professional, efficient, and reliable service available.

We will pursue all opportunities with integrity and superior ethics by apprising our customers of costs associated with all potential options regarding their requests, with attention to details and protection of our clients assets.

Services offered:

  • Assistance for start-up and commissioning
  • Process optimization
  • Training personnel
  • Remote monitoring
  • Long-term service and customer support programs
  • Pilot testing


Chris Hadler
Tel: +1 (289) 346-1050

Nancy Gurney
Aftermarket Sales Coordinator
Tel: +1 (289) 346-1046

For other services, please contact us.

Aquasource offers a complete solution, from the design to the operation of your unit.

For its customers, Aquasource shares his know-how and its capacity for innovation through its Service offer. Our customers benefit from our experience in the day-to-day operation of your Ultrafiltration unit.

Our Services offer includes:

  • Expertise (module and/or unit appraisal)
  • Training (acquiring specific competences for an optimal exploitation of the unit)
  • Maintenance (ensuring the preventive maintenance of the unit)
  • Running optimization (adapting the process to the ressource, decreasing the water leakage, etc.)
  • Project piloting (feasibility tests, etc.)

Degremont Technologies–Aquasource owns a large range of Pilot units, these units apply to all our process and to a large scale of water.


Vincent Labarrere
Tel: +33 6 74 89 53 11

Maximize your operation. Extend equipment life. Protect your processes.

Downtime has serious ramifications for water and wastewater treatment plants. Lost production, process breakdowns, and unplanned maintenance costs all present challenges for plant owners and operators. Keep your operation running at maximum efficiency and at peak capacity with InfilCare, a family of preventive services from Degrémont Technologies – Infilco. Choose between standard and custom service plans tailored to your budgetary and operational needs.

Standard Service Plan

With INFILCare, a trained, certified specialist will visit your facility annually to perform an in-depth equipment inspection. INFILCare provides actionable information that allows you to significantly improve productivity. You will receive a thorough mechanical and process evaluation, plus:

  • Detailed inspection reports
  • Maintenance schedule review
  • Suggested modifications to operations and maintenance procedures
  • Equipment operation management overview
  • Operator training session
  • Recommended spare parts, stocking levels, and price lists

Custom Service Plan

We will customize a service plan to match your specific requirements.

  • Equipment repair or rebuild
  • On-site troubleshooting
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Operator training
  • Treatability studies
  • Other ancillary services
  • UVT Analysis for Degrémont Technologies ultraviolet equipment
  • Media analysis for Degrémont Technologies filter equipment

Contact an INFILCare Representative :


P.O. Box 71390
Richmond, VA 23255-1390 USA
Tel.: +1 804 756 76 78
Fax: +1 804 756 76 43

Download the INFILCare Brochure

Degrémont Technologies–INNOPLANA has a wealth of experience with the design and engineering of sludge processing equipment. The company’s philosophy is to provide a full support program during all phases of realization and operation.

The following services are offered by Degrémont Technologies - INNOPLANA:

  • Installation and site supervision
  • Commissioning and process optimisation
  • Training of operator’s personal
  • Assistance with HAZOP studies
  • Regular maintenance contracts
  • Fast repair service and supply of spare parts

Degrémont Technologies - INNOPLANA provides both an optimised process in conjunction with comprehensive support that acheives our clients’ satisfaction.


Service Hotline
Tel: +41 44 801 8663

Ozonia has launched a new website. Please visit for the latest information.

Triogen After-Sales Service And Technical Assistance

Please contact us for information about Triogen and Ozonia parts and services for the United Kingdom and Ireland.


Tom Kelly
Tel: +00 44 (0) 141 810 4861

Water & Power Technologies (WPT) Service Solutions is the premiere solution provider for your industrial water purification needs.

With over 20 years experience, we provide reliable service 24 hours per day, in as quick as 2 hours. WPT Service Solutions offers emergency and contracted services, which include:

  • MobilePro™
  • WaterPro™ Water-by-the-Gallon
  • Service DI
  • Equipment installations
  • System troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Membrane and media replacement
  • On- and off-site membrane cleaning
  • System sanitization
  • System repairs and rebuilds
  • Pilot studies and training


Tel: +1 (800) 494-2525