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The Ultrafiltration membranes bring today new solutions to the water specialists, according to the case of application. Indeed, the membranes allows to reduce the die in term of stages and permit to make reliable the treatment in term of quality but especially to improve the effectiveness.

Degrémont Technologies-Aquasource, a French major and historic figure in Ultrafiltration, offers its products and services to builders and water treatment distributors in both municipal and industrial spheres.

Degrémont Technologies-Aquasource has the experience to manage any project, from small-scale water units to large-scale industrial applications. Our solutions can be used alone or integrated in a complex treatment chain. Whatever the size, we deliver the most cost-effective and reliable systems.

Since 1989, Degrémont Technologies-Aquasource has built and designed Ultrafiltration membranes and units.

We’ve developed two complementary materials of membranes adapted to a large scale of water qualities. First, triacetate cellulose range for Drinking and Process water and hydrophilic polysulfone for water recycling.

These membranes are available in a large range of modules, from 1 to 140 m² of filtration area per module.

Aquasource treatment units can be used as part of a treatment line or can stand alone.The Aquasource patented process can easily be adapted to all variations of untreated water quality.

Municipal Market

Increasingly strict standards, constant increases in the volumes of water to be treated, increasing pollution of resources… People involved in drinking water production are counting on research to provide new, effective techniques. Ultrafiltration is clearly a major step forward for all people in the sector who are concerned about:

  • Offering water of constant and irreproachable quality, regardless of the quality and turbidity variations of the water to be treated. As physical barriers, Aquasource ultrafiltration membranes, with a 0.01 μm cut off value, retain all micro-organisms (bacteria and viruses),
  • Contributing to the respect of environmental equilibria As a purely mechanical process, ultrafiltration reduces the use of chemical products and treatment wastes, while maintaining the mineral equilibrium of water.

Industrial Market

Food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, semi-conductor and beverage industries need higher quality water for their processes, Degrémont Technologies-Aquasource satisfy this requirement.

Our systems are designed to provide the best available pretreatment technology (with demineralisation or reverse osmosis) and to ensure the best removal of particles and micro-organisms, with a turbidity of less 0.01 NFU.

Water Recycling

Water recycling is safe, environmentally sustainable and cost effective for all the municipalities and industrials who cares about environment resources. The water recycling can be use safely for any non-potable application; for exemple: bathing waters, green areas watering, irrigating, agriculture, industry and to replicate natural river flows downstream of dams.

WUltrafiltration membranes is supplying a reliable and sustainable source of new water.

Re-Source™ is designed to ensure the best pretreatment technology (with demineralization or reverse osmosis) and to ensure the best removal of particles and micro-organisms.

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Aquasource Ultrafiltration Process
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Product Focus


Offering water of constant and irreproachable quality

Regardless of the quality and turbidity variations of the water to be treated, as a physical barrier, Aquasource ultrafiltration membranes retain all micro-organisms (bacteria and viruses).

  • The lowest cut off value on the market (0.01μm)
  • Constant quality water whatever the fluctuation of raw water
  • Bacteria and virus Removal > 6 Log
  • Turbiditiy < 0.1 NTU
  • Balance of mineral salt maintained
  • Low consumption of energy
  • One tested lifespan: 15 years

How Does It Work?

Ultrafiltration is a solely physical process in which the two stages of clarification and filtration are carried out simultaneously. Ultrafiltratrion is a low pressure process.

The wall acts as a filter for all particles larger than 0.01 micron: pollen, algae, parasites, bacteria, viruses, germ and large organic molecules. The result is perfectly pure water.

The membranes are hollow fibres filtering from the inside to the outside. The fibres are assembled in bundles and then placed inside a composite material tube. The bundles are held together using resin, providing perfect and permanent sealing of the module, allowing a very high efficiency regards to viruses retention.

The retained particles accumulate on the surface of the skin are therefore easily eliminated by cleaning in reverse direction.

Our units are designed with dead end or cross flow filtration depending on water quality.