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Degremont Technologies—Anderson offers proven expertise in the design, engineering, manufacturing and commissioning of industrial water treatment systems. With more than 3,000 installations in 40 countries, Anderson systems are applied in some of the world’s finest power plants, refineries, chemical production facilities, pulp and paper mills, food and beverage production, pharmaceutical and a variety of manufacturing facilities.

Key capabilities include custom engineered solutions, pre-engineered standard equipment, process optimization, packaged water treatment systems, start-up and commissioning, remote monitoring, and long-term service and customer support programs. Anderson Water Systems applies technologies such as reverse osmosis, EDI, ion exchange, degasification, clarification, and filtration.

State-of-the-art engineering and project management systems, supported by rigorous quality assurance procedures and a full service Customer Service Department, ensure that Anderson lives up to its commitment to provide reliable, efficient, and technically-superior water treatment systems every time. We specialize in providing complex engineered assemblies on very tight time schedules.

We can supply both engineered and fully integrated custom solutions matched to your specific process requirement. Our specializations include:

  • Process Design & Optimization
  • Start-Up & Commissioning
  • Engineering
  • Training
  • Mechanical/Electrical Design
  • Service Contracts
  • Procurement
  • Field Service
  • PLC Programming
  • After Market Parts
  • Assembly and In-House Testing
  • Pilot Testing
  • On-Site Installation


Products Overview

Degremont Technologies offers Pre-Engineered and Custom Engineered Systems designed to provide high purity water under the rigorous demands of continuous operation and harsh environments. These are premium quality systems engineered to be the best the industry can offer:

  • Media Pressure Filters
  • Electro-Deionisation systems
  • Reverse Osmosis Skids
  • Chemical Injection Skids
  • UF skids
  • Chemical Regeneration Skids
  • Ion Exchange Skids
  • Clean In Place systems
  • Decarbonators
  • Vacuum Degassers
  • Condensate Polisher Systems


Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) Wastewater Treatment System

Degremont Technologies—Infilco’s FGD treatment system integrates physical and chemical processes to provide reliable performance in a wide range of operating conditions without modification. The high-rate DensaDeg® Clarifier/Thickener can be used to upgrade an existing electric power generating plant for effortless permitting. Mixing, solids recirculation, sludge thickening and clarification are combined in single compact unit for maximum efficiency in minimal space.

Because waste composition varies widely from utility to utility, designing an FGD wastewater treatment system that meets or exceeds regulations can be challenging. Rely on Infilco Degremont’s flexible DensaDeg® Clarifier/Thickener as part of your design.

Dual/Multi Prime® Agreement Approach

Our Dual Prime® service provides risk mitigation and division of responsibilities according to market realities and each party’s ability to identify and control project risks. We offer this service on a consultative basic as a business transactional service, leading to negotiation and execution of better contracts and more successful projects. We know the water and waste water industry better than anyone, and our experienced teams implement the Dual Prime® service to bring that experience to bear in better contractual structures that best fit the risks and realities of complex water and waste water infrastructure projects.

To learn more about our creative Dual Prime® contract option and to see whether it may be suitable for your project, contact our Industrial Sales team.


Northern California Power Agency (NCPA) selected SUEZ as a single-source provider to design and supply an integrated water treatment solution consisting of four water treatment systems for its new 300 MW combined cycle natural gas power plant in Lodi, California.

Integrated water treatment solution
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Learn more about the integrated water treatment solution offered by SUEZ.

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Process Goup, a complementary expertise in process technologies

In June 2014, Degremont Industry finalized the acquisition of Process Group, a highly reputable company on the Upstream and Downstream Oil and Gas market in the Middle East, South East Asia and Australia. With a 30-plus year expertise in engineering, design, fabrication, and commissioning of equipment, Process Group brings the Group a complete portfolio of process technologies including:

  • Gas dehydration
  • Dew point control units & low temperature
  • Carbon capture systems
  • Gas sweetening systems & CO2 removal
  • CO2 removal
  • Fuel Gas treatment systems
  • Crude Oil stabilisation & treatment
  • Solids removal & handling systems
  • Water treatment systems
  • Deoiler HydrocyclonesDesander Hydrocyclones

Learn more about the Process Group from their website