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Effective headworks equipment brings great economic value to a wastewater plant. Removing the most particles as early as possible inline prevents operational problems later. Installation of top-quality headworks equipment will protect downstream pumps, clarifiers, thickeners, and digesters from abrasion and clogging.

AERODREDGE Grit and Grease Removal SystemThe AERODREDGE Grit and Grease Removal System is designed to reduce horizontal flow velocity to allow heavy particles to settle while grease and other floating substances are (...)

Keywords: reliable design, retrofit or new, high capacity, low maintenance

Climber® Screen Mechanical Bar ScreenInvest in the leader: Maximize screenings capture, minimize problems. Climber® Screen reduces costs and complications for pump stations and wastewater treatment plants by (...)

Keywords: leader, reliable, quality, precision

HELICO® - Screenings Washer & CompactorHELICO® delivers reliable screenings removal for optimum wastewater treatment plant performance. HELICO® is the natural complement to the CLIMBER® SCREEN and all mechanically (...)

Keywords: wastewater, screenings removal, grit removal, washer compactor

VORTEX® Grit RemoverThe Vortex® Grit Remover is used to protect equipment at wastewater treatment plants from damage and excessive wear due to abrasion from grit. Grit removal protects moving (...)

Keywords: protection, maximum control, pretreatment, reliable

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