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Effective headworks equipment brings great economic value to a wastewater plant. Removing the most particles as early as possible inline prevents operational problems later. Installation of top-quality headworks equipment will protect downstream pumps, clarifiers, thickeners, and digesters from abrasion and clogging.

Degremont Technologies provides high-performance water, wastewater, and sludge treatment solutions for any size population and virtually any influent condition. We’re involved in every stage of a project – from process design to equipment supply to operations training.

We handle drinking water treatment and wastewater applications like primary, secondary, wastewater reuse, and stormwater management for municipalities around the country.

Product Range

Main Features

Climber® Screen Vortex® Helico® Traveling Bridge


Positive Screening Discharge

Grit Removal

Screening Press

Grit & Grease Removal

Nominal flow

1.5 to 500 MGD

1.25 MGD

< 25ft3/h

30 MGD

Wet-weather Flow

> 500 MGD

34 MGD

< 50ft3/h

Dry-weather Flow

34 MGD

Channel width

1’6” to 30’-0”

Machine lengths

As required

20’-0” to 100’-0”

Machine widths

18” to 30’-0”

5’0” to 26’0” (Diameter)

10’-0” to 25’0”

Machine depths

Up to 90’-0”

Available bar rack spacing

¼” to 6”

Surface area

200 to 2500 ft²

Main Applications

Climber® Screen Vortex® Helico® Traveling Bridge

Course Screening





Grit Removal










Oil & Grease Removal





Range Brochure

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Product Focus

Climber® Screen Rake Assembly

Climber® Screen Mechanical Bar Screen

Maximize screenings capture; minimize problems

Engineered to last with virtually no maintenance, Climber Screen reduces costs and complications in severe-duty applications. A precision, gear-driven cleaning rake carries solids from the bar rack to a discharge chute for removal – without the need for chains, sprockets, or cables that can break. A hinged wiper assembly engages at the discharge point to ensure that the screenings reach the chute instead of returning into the channel.

Large obstructions aren’t a problem for Climber Screen. The rake will disengage from the bar rack until it clears the object, or activate an alarm to reverse the unit before damage occurs. Since all moving parts are kept above the water level, maintenance and repairs are minimal.


  • CSO or stormwater treatment
  • Excessive grit or large debris removal
  • Deep water and/or low headroom installations
  • Raw water intakes
  • Sanitary applications

Climber Screen offers more than 20 years of proven performance

  • Positive screenings discharge eliminates carryover so you get a cleaner channel in less run time
  • Heavy-duty gear and pin rack reduces friction and vibration for quiet, trouble-free operation in severe conditions
  • All moving parts stay above the waterline to last longer with less maintenance and repair
  • Flexible, durable design fits any size application – new or retrofit – often without channel modifications
  • Shipped assembled or in as few components as possible for quick and easy installation