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Ever-changing discharge requirements and advancements in microbiology have led to the increased popularity of high rate biological treatment systems. Degremont Technologies understands the careful planning needed to design and construct this portion of the plant. We offer a number of biological systems for municipal and industrial applications.

BIOFOR®BIOFOR® filters are aerobic or anoxic process biological reactors that use attached growth technology for application in municipal or industrial wastewater (...)

Keywords: attached growth, odor free, compact, completely automated

Cleargreen™ - Biological treatment of effluents with high concentrations of ammoniaCleargreen™ (for Cyclic Low Energy Ammonium Removal) augments anaerobic treatment of biosolids (biological, primary, co-digestion) by removing the nitrogen overload. (...)

Keywords: biological, nitrogen removal, deammonification, sustainable development

DENIFOR™ Downflow Denitrification And Filtration SystemThe DENIFOR™ ultra-high-efficiency denitrification and filtration system utilizes the proven high-surface-area media, Biolite™, to provide a cost effective, low-footprint (...)

Keywords: denitrification, solids-removal, cost-efficient, compact footprint

HYBACS - Energy-Efficient Hybrid Activated Sludge TechnologyThe HYBACS process is an innovative hybrid activated-sludge system that is well-suited for municipal and industrial WWTPs looking for an economical technology for capacity (...)

Keywords: wastewater, energy savings, cost-efficient, environmentally friendly

iBIO® Biological Treatment System for FGD WastewaterThe iBIO® Biological Wastewater Treatment System integrates biological reactors with Degremont clarifiers and sludge thickeners to treat effluent from a FGD physical/chemical (...)

Keywords: nitrates, chromium, selenium, vanadium

METEOR® IFAS / MBBR ProcessMETEOR® IFAS/MBBR technology is based on proprietary polyethylene biofilm carriers, which, when added to a treatment basin, provide a large internal surface area for the growth (...)

Keywords: hybrid process, bod removal, nutrient removal, simple operation

Ultragreen™ - Biological treatment by ultrafiltration flat sheet membranesUltragreen™ is a wastewater treatment process (municipal and industrial) by ultrafiltration flat sheet membranes. Ultragreen™ combines biological treatment with membrane (...)

Keywords: biological treatment, membrane filtration, automated function, sustainable development