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Aquasource, based in France, specializes in ultrafiltration membranes and standardized clarification/disinfection technology. Aquasource is the pioneer of Ultrafiltration applied to drinking water and is constantly improving its water treatment systems.

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ECOSKID™The Ecoskid™ is Degrémont Technologies-Aquasource’s latest generation of compact unit for water treatment. Its production rate range from 30 to 200 m3/h per (...)

Keywords: eco-friendly, cost effective, exclusive process, compact

SKIDThe SKID is a compact and self-contained unit of clarification. It is designed to produce from 10 to 180 m3/h per unit.

Keywords: compact, safe, autonomous, plug & play

Smartrack™ MF/UF Rack SystemSmartrack™ is the only flexible rack for high-purity water production with interchangeable ultrafiltration modules capable of varied dimensions as well as different (...)

Keywords: interchangeable, ultrafiltration, flexible design, cost-effective

ULTRASOURCE®The ULTRASOURCE® is a compact, autonomous, automatic and flexible system producing ultrafiltrated water from network, ground and surface (...)

Keywords: membrane, compact, all in one, scalable