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Large municipal aquariums and zoos disinfect water with ozone to protect the different species in their care from infection due to water borne virus and disease. Because ozone is easy to control without a long-lasting residual, the animals are also protected from irritation around sensitive areas often associated with chemical disinfectants. Large aquariums also use ozone to improve the water clarity for maximum impact on the viewing public.

Ozonia has designed and supplied systems to treat water flow rates from as little as 6 gallons per minute (1.3 m3/h) to entire municipal aquariums with an assortment of fish, mammals and reptiles. Let us show you how our ozone or UV products can economically improve the water quality at your exhibits and features.

TR2 Range UV Systems for Pond Water TreatmentThe TR2 range is ideal for the treatment of fish ponds and significantly enhances water quality on a very cost effective basis. One to four high output, low pressure UV lamps (...)

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